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1.  WHAT IS A HOME STUDY?  A home study is both a process and a document.  The home study process is an investigation that  assesses the prospective adoptive parents’ familial, emotional, financial, and environmental readiness to become parents.     The home study document is what is generated as a result of the home study process, and this document is utilized for a number of things during the adoption process.

2.  WHO CONDUCTS THE HOME STUDY INVESTIGATION?  The home study investigation is conducted by a social worker working for a licensed adoption agency.  

3.  HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE?  This varies from agency to agency, and family to family.  Generally, the process takes approximately two to three months.

4.  HOW MUCH DOES A HOME STUDY COST?  This, also, varies from agency to agency.  The Lutheran Service Society of New York’s fee is $1375.00 for the home study itself.  There are additional fees, including an application fee, post adoption/placement guarantee fee, and post adoption/placement fee.  

5.  DO HOME STUDYS NEED TO BE UPDATED?  Yes, home studys are valid for only one year then they need to be updated.  Each agency has their process and separate fees for this.  The Lutheran Service Society of New York’s fee is $250.00 for a home study update.

6.  WHAT DOES THE HOME STUDY PROCESS INCLUDE:  This process includes individual interviews with each prospective parent, interviews  with family members and/or other loved ones living in the household; criminal background checks; child abuse background checks; home inspection; and an overall assessment of the prospective adoptive parents’ readiness to become parents.

7.  WHEN SHOULD I BEGIN THE HOME STUDY PROCESS?  When you have decided that you want to adopt and are emotionally and financially ready to begin the adoption process.  This begins by you contacting a licensed adoption agency (who may also be the placing agency depending on where you live and the placing agency is located).