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Reasons For Making An Adoption Plan for Your Baby

 If you are thinking about placing your baby for adoption, you are not alone.  While every woman's circumstance is unique, many women throughout the United States and worldwide make an adoption plan for their baby because they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and firmly believe  that it is in their child's best interest. Statistics reveal that one in ten children is adopted. In fact, many children feel "special" because their birth and adoptive families came together to a make a plan for his or her future.

Does the Father of the Baby have Rights?                                                                           

If the parents of a baby are making the adoption plan together, the  father can participate in selecting the family, meeting the family, and receiving photos and letters of the child, if he so chooses.  If he does not wish to participate, but is in agreement, he can execute documents before the baby is born and will not have to participate further.  To protect any rights he may have, the father of the baby must assume the responsibilities of a father.  If he fails to do so, he can lose his rights and the opportunity to parent the child.  If you are unable to provide the identity of the father, you can still proceed with an adoption plan.   An adoption attorney will discuss with you what legal procedures must be followed regarding the father of the child in your particular case.  


If I Decide to Place My Baby for Adoption, Would you Help me Find a Family?

Yes.  LSS of NY can connect you with loving, stable, financially secure adoptive families who have been pre-approved and wish to offer your child many opportunities and a bright future.  Many couples have tried and waited for a long time to conceive or adopt a child.  We are extremely careful about the families we accept and everyone is thoroughly screened.  Adoptive parents approved by LSS of NY are ready, willing and able to love, support and raise a child and respect their child's birth history.  They are prepared to make a lifelong commitment to a child and to make that child the focus of their life.  

How Much Contact do I Want with the Family After the Adoption?

Each person feels differently about future contact with the adoptive family.  LSS of NY will help prepare a mutual agreement regarding future contact between you and the adoptive family.  

Types of Private Adoption

While you are thinking about the best decision for you and your baby please consider the following adoption options. At LSS of NY we explain the different types of adoptions you may wish to consider: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. The choice is yours and your arrangement can be as open or as confidential as you would like:  

 Open Adoption:    There are many degrees of openness. You may review the adoptive parents's profile, letters and photos, communicate by telephone; meet them in person, and  receive photos and letters regarding the child directly from the adoptive parents.  Some open adoptions may include the exchange of names and addresses of the birth and adoptive parents and periodic visits.  

 Semi-Open Adoption:  Your plans may include reviewing the adoptive parents' profiles, letters and photos, communicating by telephone, and meeting them in person. After the adoption, you may receive pictures and letters regarding the child from Adoptive Parents through the adoption agency once, twice or three times a year until the child is 18 years old. Many families share holiday cards, gifts and videos.  

 Closed Adoption:  You may prefer to have no contact with the adoptive family before or after the adoption.  In such cases, LSS of NY will request photos and letters for its files and you are free to request them in the future.  


 When I Go Into Labor

As soon as you let us know that you are in labor, an LSS of NY counselor will be available to give you all the support you may need.  We will help you make a birth/hospital plan that includes whether you desire contact or no contact with the baby, whether you desire contact or no contact with adoptive parents, and if necessary, arrange for transportation to and from the hospital.  If you have an open adoption, you may choose to call the family directly, and arrange for them to visit with you and the baby while you are in the hospital.  

Can I Make an Adoption Plan if My Baby is Already Born?

If your baby is already born, we can still help you find a loving adoptive family.   You can still meet the family, and receive photos and letters, or work on an open adoption plan.


When Does the Baby Go Home with the Adoptive Parents?

If you have made an adoption plan in advance of the birth,  and signed the legal consent documents after the birth, the baby can go home with the adoptive family after discharge from the hospital.   While you are in the hospital, you may see, feed and hold the baby.  This is your personal decision and our adoption counselors will help sort your thoughts as you make your adoption plan.  

What will this cost me?

There are no costs to you.  Our staff will work with you throughout the process and provide the support you require.

When Do I Sign the Adoption Consents and Make the Final Decision?  

You do not sign adoption consents until after the child is born.  The father of the child may consent in advance.

 What Do I Want My Baby to Know About Me and My Family  

It is important that you disclose your family medical and social background information. This background includes such information as how you grew up, if you have sisters and brothers, if you have other children, your education, your interests and talents and a medical history about you and your family. If possible, the baby's father's background information should also be disclosed. This information is important for the child in the future so that he/she has an idea of who he/she is and how they came to be.  Adoptive parents will share this information with the child throughout life.   Some women choose to write a letter to the baby so that he/she can read it as an older child, and we encourage you to do so.  

If you have  additional questions,  please contact Jolie Giardino at 716-631-9212 ext 108